Aputure MC LED Light Review: The BEST mini light for film, YouTube, Twitch, and content creators!

Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, or simply someone that needs a solid portable bright light, I highly recommend the Aputure MC (currently available directly from Aputure’s site for $90). I was initially suggested this light when I asked a faculty member at my film school about light recommendations for starting out in cinematography, and I’m beyond happy with my purchase.

I love this little light and I’m so glad I bought it. I’m a filmmaker and I recently graduated from college with a degree in film so I originally bought it as a film light to use in short films, music videos, and other projects, but shortly after buying it I realized it could be so much more than that, and it’s now the main light I use for Twitch streams, TikToks and YouTube videos.

The Basics

The Apurture MC is a wireless multicolor LED light which means it can be virtually any color you want, at any brightness level. The color and brightness can be controlled on the light itself or by connecting it to the Sidus Link app on your phone via Bluetooth to be controlled wirelessly, which was relatively easy to do. It also has light modes where it changes colors/brightness to emulate fire, a party, a cop car, lightning, or anything else you might want.

This light is SMALL but bright. In most filming circumstances it probably won’t or can’t be your key light, but it does give off a fair amount of light. To get an idea of the size, it’s about the size of a credit card.

It’s pocket size unless you’re a woman because they make our clothing with ridiculously small pockets most of the time.

It can work while plugged in and charged, or be operated wirelessly. The Aputure MC has a decent battery life of about 2 hours at max brightness and about 15 hours at the lowest brightness, which I found to be accurate in my usage. I streamed with this once without plugging it in and it ran for almost exactly 2 hours at max brightness before running out.

You can also use the Aputure MC continuously plugged in, using a usb-c charging cable and a power adapter or power bank – I use my MacBook USB charging cord and an iPhone charger wall plug, which most people probably already have. Check here to see if your AC adapter and charging cable are compatible for use.

In the box

Beyond the light itself, the Aputure MC also comes with a silicone diffusion cover, which I’ve always used when using the light. It also includes a case, a usb-c charging cord (no wall adapter though), a manual, and two 3M Velcro strips to mount it. As far as mounting options, there’s two strong magnets on the back and a ¼ screw mount, which is a common mount and probably what you tripod or light stand already uses.

Using the light

To get an idea of the brightness level, here’s what it looks like in a completely dark room at different distances. It’s bright, but not enough to light up an entire room because it’s small. In most scenarios this will be an accent light or a light for inserts/close-ups.

Why do I love this light? I can use it in so many different projects and it’s become my go-to for content creation in filmmaking.

To get an idea of how I’ve used it in films, here’s some example clips from music videos that I directed and did the cinematography for!

In some of these shots, I used the Apurture MC for a fill/accent light, to create some dimension to the lighting. It’s great because since its both wireless, small, and magnetic, you can easily hide it within a scene.

Here’s a link to the full music video for Bubby and the full music video for David Arvisu.

I can see myself filming more with this in the future, and I was grateful to have this light on set.

Beyond film, I’ve been using this light in all my livestreams on Twitch since I purchased it. I used to use a cheap $30 ring light, and I wish I would’ve bought the Aputure MC a lot sooner. It’s small, doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at in max brightness, and doesn’t cause any flickering on camera like some LED lights. To get an idea of how effective this light is, here’s a clip of what my stream looked like with the light, and without it.

I also have used this as my main light in my last few YouTube videos! While I also use a ring light on the side as a fill light and some natural sunlight from a window, the primary lighting is from the Aputure MC.

Since I’ve bought this light, I’ve used this whenever I record TikTok videos on my phone and it works great as well for that. I typically don’t use it at full brightness for those, but it makes my videos look more professional and better-lit.

Beyond just videos, I also love to use this for photography, especially portraits. Here’s an example of the difference this light makes, even when combined with natural sunlight!

Final verdict

I love this light a lot. I’ve even used it as a light for doing my makeup, and because of the size, it could also be an emergency flashlight even, which might sound silly but it’s a practical use! The Aputure MC might seem a little pricey since it retails at $90 USD, and even I was skeptical of the price tag, but if you do any kind of content creation or filmmaking, it’s a must-have. I bought this around April and I feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of it. The light is also available in a pack of 4 or 12 lights with a wireless charging case.

Since I’ve purchased this light, Aputure has released an upgraded version, the MC Pro, which is 4x as bright and a little more expensive at $200 USD – however whenever I’m looking to buy new equipment, I plan to check that out because I really loved this light. Whenever I buy the MC Pro, I will do a review and comparison video because I’m excited to see the changes Aputure made.

If you’re a YouTuber, filmmaker, streamer, or any kind of content creator looking for a versatile light consider the Aputure MC. The high price tag might scare some people away, but I feel like it’s worth it for a solid piece of equipment that will last you for a while be as multipurpose as this.

Thank you for reading this review! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me or comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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