Welcome to BoopCreate!

Hi! I’m Chloe (also known online as BoopCreate) and I’m a writer, director, editor, cinematographer, actor, and content creator based in Texas.

My first short film “The Love Hack” is available online after a successful festival run in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Beyond narrative work, I directed, edited, and did the cinematography for music videos for artists David Arvisu and Bubby. I recently received my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media and English and I work independently in directing, editing, acting, writing, and cinematography. My next short film, a drama titled “A Perfect Proposal,” is currently in post-production anticipating a 2024/2025 festival run.

Beyond film, I have been building an audience and community as a content creator for over four years across YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram. My content ranges widely: you can expect anything from video essays, reviews, satirical/comedic content, video game let’s plays, tutorials, cosplays, or anything else! 

I aspire to bring original stories that reflect my life experiences to screen, critique modern societal issues, and also provide an escape away from everyday life. You can contact me via email at BoopCreate@Gmail.com

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