Epic Cosplay Wig Review

Do you have a part of cosplaying that is a necessity, yet you absolutely dread every time it comes up?

I do. For me, it is wigs. For some reason, I just struggle making my wigs agree with me and actually look like the characters I’m cosplaying and not tangle in the process. >__<

That is why I was really excited to discover Epic Cosplay Wigs a few years ago! Their wigs are (somewhat) tangle-free, thick, silky, have fast (free) shipping, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. I’ve been buying wigs from them exclusively for the past several years because of these reasons. In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing every wig I’ve bought from them.

If you’d like to see the wigs on and watch this review in video form, check out the YouTube video below or here! My video displays all of the wigs in a mix of natural lighting and an LED ring light.

Aura in Black:

I initially bought this wig for Ruby Rose from RWBY, but I may end up reusing it again soon for other characters (like Mikasa from Attack on Titan, which I’m watching right now).

Like most Epic Cosplay wigs, the cap is larger (about 23”), and it’s noticeably thick, silky, and shiny. If the wig seems too shiny for you, it can easily be fixed by combing dry shampoo or baby powder through the wig.

When I wore this wig, I did a small amount of trimming on the bangs and pinned them aside because they are very long. The bangs are almost as long as the wig itself! The bangs are also very thick. In the future, I’d like to trim and possibly thin-out the bangs to make them easier to manage. 

The hair flips out a little on the sides, which I personally don’t love for most characters. This can easily be fixed with a straightener or streamer though, since all of Epic Cosplay’s wig are heat-safe.

Overall, this is a good wig to use as a base to style into however you want. Out of the bag, it definitely needs some styling (like trimming/pinning the bangs at least), to be worn. The thickness allows for more styling freedom, which is nice.

Daphne in Caramel Blonde:

Good lord, this wig is THICK and CURLY. I used this wig for Dolores from Westworld. I actually emailed Epic Cosplay for suggestions on what wig to use for the character and this is one of the options they recommended. 

This is not a lacefront, but it makes a good replacement if you do not want to deal with a lacefront or one is outside your budget. It lays pretty flat and looks somewhat realistic at the hairline, though I might suggest using lacefront tape to keep the front as flat as possible.

The color is a nice darker blonde with some orange/yellow tones. This would be a nice wig/color if you want a more realistic hair color for Princess Zelda! 

As I said at the beginning, the wig is very thick, curly, and long. The bottom is a little longer than the front, though that could be adjusted with trimming if you want. It is also heavy due to the thickness and length. I wore this wig for about a few hours (one day at a convention), and it only really tangled in the back. I was able to easily detangle it later with a wide-tooth comb.

None of the Epic Cosplay wigs I own (except the Asteria, which is a lacefront), have sewn-in combs to keep the wig in place. I feel like this wig could really benefit from that due to the weight. However, you can easily use some bobby pins to keep it in place just fine.

The Daphne is a heavy (albeit beautiful wig) that feels very high-quality.

Astraea in Platinum Blonde:

I love this wig! I used this for Daenerys Targaryen and it is perfect. I have a similar wig from Arda Wigs (Matilda in Titanium Blonde), and I prefer this wig because the fibers are softer/smoother and the color has less yellow undertones. 

This is my first lacefront from Epic Cosplay and I was honestly impressed. The wig is smaller than their other ones (20.5” inches in circumference vs the normal 23” inch wig size), but that worked out well for me because my head is more around that size. It has combs sewn in the front and back to keep the wig on easily. The curls are beautiful but will fall slightly after extended wear. The lace is a light tan/beige color and is very soft.

Despite wearing this wig frequently (including in windy weather!), the tangles have been minimal. My only complaint is that the hair in the lacefront portions is not as dense as I’d like, which makes it difficult to cover my own hairline. 

After wearing this wig, I am genuinely impressed and would love to try other Epic Cosplay lacefront wigs.

Theia in Dark Brown:

I bought this wig in my most recent Epic Cosplay order and I plan on using it for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. 

The dark brown has pretty red undertones, but still remains dark. The wig was longer than I expected (hitting about chest-length), so I could easily wear this for multiple characters. The fibers felt a little silkier and softer than other wigs I’ve purchased, however, it could just be the color/style. I also noticed this wig was slightly thinner than my other Epic Cosplay wigs, which I prefer, since it looks more realistic and is easier to manage.

The bangs were very thick and about ear-length on me. When I style this, I may attempt to thin the bangs and also part them in the middle. They definitely need to be trimmed or styled out of the bag.

While this was slightly different from my other wigs, I could easily see myself using the Theia for various cosplays in the future due to its versatility!

Hestia in Light Brown:

I initially bought this wig for a Hermione Granger cosplay… However, the color is slightly different than I anticipated so now I have no idea what to do with it. The wig is darker and much more red-toned in person than I was anticipating. I don’t blame this on Epic Cosplay Wigs though – they do a really great job photographing their wigs, providing customer pictures, and showing their colors in various lighting. Sometimes it is just difficult to get a true idea of what something looks like until you have it in front of you. (This is a reminder to everyone else and myself: If you can, buy a color sample before purchasing an expensive wig!!)

Now let’s talk about the wig: Like the Theia, it is soft and the curls fall nicely. It is thick, but not overwhelmingly thick, and still looks natural. The bangs are slightly shorter and thicker than I expected, but could be styled to be side-swept or trimmed.

I wish Epic Cosplay would rename Light Brown to maybe Copper-Brown or something similar, because the name is not very accurate to the color.

While the Hestia is beautiful, I have no idea what to use it for! So, if you have any character or cosplay suggestions for this wig, let me know!

Clip-In Bangs in Caramel Blonde:

I bought these so I could potentially reuse my Daphne wig for other cosplays. These bangs are very thick and long, so they definitely require some trimming or styling! I also noticed the fibers seemed slightly softer than my Daphne wig (which I bought a few years ago), which makes me wonder if Epic Cosplay made a change to their wig material since I last purchased from them.

Final Thoughts:

If you want high quality (and low maintenance) cosplay wigs then definitely check out Epic Cosplay Wigs. I love that they offer a wide variety of options for colors and styles, so they will have a wig that works for almost every cosplay. 

My review is not sponsored, but if you enjoyed this review and want to try Epic Cosplay Wigs, you can use my code for $10 off your next purchase of $50!

If you have tried Epic Cosplay Wigs before, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I can also answer any questions about the wigs I own from them.

As I said before, I’m mildly clueless with wigs in general, so if you have a favorite wig store for your cosplay wigs, comment below and let me know.