May update + what I’ve been up to

Hi! I know it has been a very long while since I’ve been active online, and I apologize for that! Since it’s been a while, I want to do a little catch-up on what I’ve been up to and information on what’s to come (in the form of a blog post because I am mentally stuck in 2007).

I graduated from college, with two majors in Film and English, and a minor in Religious Studies! This is a huge chapter from my life that’s finally closed, and I’m excited to see where everything goes from here.

While part of me is sad to be done since I love learning and my classes, and I’m also a little relieved to finally have a solid break. Managing my last two (busier) years of school when classes moved back in-person (along with managing my mental health) has been the primary reason I have not been as active online, and now that school’s over, I want to change that. Streaming, YouTube, cosplay, and my friends + community online have brought me a lot of joy! ♥

As part of my film major, I’ve been working on a lot of exciting film projects! I finished my first short film, The Love Hack, in December 2022, and I currently am in post-production for another short film and two music videos.

Here’s a trailer for The Love Hack:

Unfortunately, it will be about a year until I’m able to post the short film publicly on YouTube (but I will, I promise)! I am in the process of submitting to film festivals, and many film festivals do not allow short films to be submitted if its already publicly online.

So, what’s next from here?

I’m going to aim to be more active on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and everywhere else online. I’m not sure what that looks like right now as I’m still figuring out things for myself and I’ll see what works best – but I will be active, that’s a promise. I have a few ideas for YouTube in the works and may shift to creating more content and videos focused on film (i.e. film reviews, short films, equipment reviews, tutorials), but I’ll still balance it with gaming and other “fun” content. Expect an update about either a new YouTube video and/or a stream in the next week (which I’ll give a heads up about on Discord and Twitter)!

In the meantime: I’m always listening to music, so if anyone wants to see what I’ve had on repeat for the last month, here’s my monthly playlist:

P.S. My Spotify is BoopCreate if you want to follow me on there and see more insufferable and potentially bad music recommendations.

I’m a little worn out from writing (I had to write two ten-page research papers for my university classes recently…) but I missed Twitch and everyone online here <3 I promise I won’t be gone again for that long (unless I’m doing an insanely cool project like directing a feature film)!